Only one kilometer away from Touch Star Resort is a check point to “The Roof of Thailand”, Doi-Inthanon National Park.

Arriving at Chiang Mai International Airport, your journey to relaxation begins with approximately 58 kilometers easy getaway from the city to “Touch Star” Resort, the best accommodation in Chomthong district. The resort is located comfortably a kilometer to Doi-Inthanon National Park’s check point, and enjoy the famous 39 kilometers of driving or hiking pleasure on a scenic road to reach the mountain summit.

At Touch Star Resort, our guests can stay in touch closely with natures as the resort intertwines perfectly among 30 rais of the natural surrounding beauty. All 5 room types available are designed and architected to accommodate and service guests with close up natural wonders and stunning views overlooking the enchanting garden, while enjoying our refreshing natural mineral springs from the mountain which supply to the entire resort and individual private rooms directly. We also have mineral water pond for our guests to stay relax in the midst of nature after day of activities at the national park and surrounding natural tourist attraction.

Touch Star Resort is a Doi-Inthanon resort. Needless to say, wide range of tourist attractions and destinations are surrounding our resort such as: Doi-Inthanon, The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon, Mae Klang, Wachirathan, and Siriphum Waterfall, Tiered Fields of Mae Klang Luang Village, and well known for multiple popular site of wild bird watching in Thailand.

Natural trail trekking and other activities

  • Bird watching at DoiInthanon or in the resort
  • Motor Bike and Caravan tours
  • Bike to Doi Inthanon
  • Trekking at Keiw Mae Pan forest view point
  • Forest plantation activities 
  • Field trip project program  
Touch Star Resort Chiang Mai
Touch Star Resort is Doi-Inthanon resort.

It is surrounded by natural attractions 

such as: Doi Inthanon, the Royal Project ,Mae Ya Waterfall, Mae Klang Waterfall, Wachirathan Waterfall, Siriphum Waterfall, Tiered Fields of Mae Klang Luang Village and also being well-known as a wild bird watching area popular in Thailand