Activities & Nearby Places

Touch Star Resort is Doi-Inthanon resort. It is surrounded by natural attractions 

such as: Doi Inthanon, Mae Ya Waterfall, Mae Klang Waterfall, Wachirathan Waterfall, Siriphum Waterfall, Tiered Fields of Mae Klang Luang Village and cultural attractions such as: the Great Stupa (Nobhamethanidol and Nabhapolbhumisiri Shrines), and the Royal Project. Also being well-known as a wild bird watching area.

Nature trail trekking

- Muang Ang
- Forest Planlation
- Bird Watching
- Kew Mae Pan


- Bike
- Motorbike
- Nature Attractive Place  Around In Doi Inthanon


Bird watching area at Doi Inthanon 

Touch Star Resort is also a place for birdwatchers to come from all over the world to enjoy to stay with our resort.
Doi-Inthanon National Park is one of the few places in the world for being well recognize among bird watcher community for its wild range of habitats and consequently contains the birds associated with them which almost impossible to mention them all. “Uncle Daeng’s Shop” or Inthanon Bird Watching Information Centre is located at Km. 31st. It’s a center to exchange bird watching information among bird watchers, nature students and general public. The information provides detail of habitat, bird’s food chain and other wild life living in Doi-Inthanon. The center is aim to pass on these knowledges to the next generation. It also provides the Doi-Inthanon Bird watching Diary, bird sketches by various bird watching experts, bird watching trails, bird pictures, and slides


Mae Ya waterfall

is one of the most beautiful cascades in Chiang Mai. Water flows from a 280-metre steep cliff onto different rock formations in a lower basin, creating a beautiful scene.

Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong

Temple of the Phra Boromathat Chom Thong Buddha relic
The Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong is one of the oldest and most highly revered temples in North Thailand. According to local legend the Buddha once visited the hill where the temple now stands. The temple that is officially named Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong Worawihan is located in chom thong location and far from the resort only 9 Km. The Wat Phra That Si Chom Thong was constructed halfway through the 15th century at the spot where the Buddha relic was found. The oldest structure is the chedi, that was built around 1450.

Borichinda Cave

located 8-9 km of Highway 1009 next to Mae Klang Waterfall which will see the route sign at right fork to the cave. The cave is a large limestone cave has beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and a small stream inside. There are also soothing stone when the sunlight, the cave is extremely gorgeous.  The entrance on the right hand away from the checkpoint of approximately 500 meters to go the way about 2 km to the cave or you can walking from Touch Star Resort approximately 30 minutes to the cave entrance to view and experience the beautiful scenery and waterfalls during travel.

Orchid Agriculture

Orchid Conservation Center, Naree Doi Inthanon is located in the area of ​​Doi Inthanon National Park. This is a Royal Project initiated by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. The purpose is to research and breeding orchids. Naree Inthanon is beautiful but close to extinction. It is also a source of knowledge for those who are interested. Orchid

Phra Mahathat Napha Methanidon and Phra Mahathat Naphaphon Bhumisiri,
A twin pagodas located at Km. 41.5. They were built to commemorate the fifth cycle birthdays of King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit. Sitting on two nearby peaks, both pagodas share the similar sizes, design and color linked with a walking path. The pagodas enshrine Lord Buddha’s relics and beautiful Buddha images

Kiew Mae Pan

There are many nature trails on Doi Inthanon National Park, the favorite one is Kew Mae Pan which suitable for everyone who have limited of time. The Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail, is found at kilometer 42 on the road to the summit.  It has been developed as an ‘educative nature trail’ and you will enjoy your nice short trekking about 2.78 km. along a beautiful view and forest. There is a 200 baht entrance fee which pays for a guide (Hmong guide) to accompany you, although mine did not speak much English.

Mae Pan waterfall
is the longest waterfall in Chiang Mai, which flows from a 100-metre cliff. Its charm can be enjoyed by standing some distance from the falls.  From afar, the white water and the green forests around the falls make a beautiful picture.  From Km. 38 of Highway No. 1009, drive along the Doi Inthanon-Mae Chaem road (Highway No. 1192) for 6 kilometres and a sign to the waterfall will be seen, then drive on an unpaved road for 9 kilometres.  The lovely waterfall can be reached by a ten-minute walk from a parking lot.  In the rainy season, the road to Namtok Mae Phan is in a poor condition; only a four-wheel vehicle could make the journey.

The Highest Spot in Thailand (km 48)

Highway 1009 ends at the highest spot in Thailand (2,559 m) at the summit of Doi Inthanon. The mountaintop covered with patches of fog and frosted leaves is breathtaking. It is where the Radar Station of the Thai Air Force and the stupa of the last governor of Chiang Mai are located. And not far from the summit is a Tourist Public Relations Centre where the stories of Doi Inthanon in the past are exhibited. Tourists can learn the geography, biology, and forestry of the area as well as the wildlife that exists here.


Khun Wang

Chiang Mai Royal Agricultural Research Center (Khun Wang) was established after His Majesty the King had visited Baan Khun Wang in 1980, and had observed that the land had been growing opium extensively. Therefore, the King assigned the Garden Plant Division, Thailand Department of Agriculture to demonstrate and breed crops on the area for supporting and passing on the technology know-how to highland farmers. This is to encourage them to do the plantation instead of growing opium.


Mea Klang Luang village

The village Located at kilometer 26 on the way up Doi Inthanon. The Karen or “Pa Kaa Ka Yor” people of Mae Klang Luang migrated from Burma in 1787, settling in a fertile valley in the heart of Doi Intanon National Park. Founding families carved a terrace of emerald rice fields into the mountain landscape, which now makes a stunning first impression on guests. The village lies at an elevation of approximately 1,200 meters above sea level, surrounded by mixed deciduous and hill evergreen forests. The climate is cool. The village is easily accessible, just off the main highway to Doi Intanon. The highlights of Mae Klang Luang Community “Enjoy trekking through pristine forest in Doi Intanon National Park; see how the Karen people live in harmony with nature and start the day with a cup of hot, fresh, Hill tribe coffee!”


Pha Doke Siew Waterfall

Phu Pha Phrao Waterfall is located at Ban Mae Klang Luang in Doi Inthanon National Park. Inside Inthanon National Park This waterfall was once famous after the film. Love is a waterfall that tourists come. Visit Mae Klang Luang to visit. Floors are 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 floors, but the highlight of all tourists to visit is the waterfall Pha Cosa 7th floor, because the water from the waterfall floor. on The fall falls to the waterfall, the lower floor is a white line, beautiful beyond. There is also a wooden bridge for crossing the stream. The beauty of the waterfall. The crescent to see him again. The source of the name of the waterfall is from the crescent of the name. The tree is a prominent waterfall itself.

Ban Pa Pong Piang

Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai, the location of one of the most beautiful rice terraces in Thailand. With views of rice fields on high hills combined with complex mountain views It is another beautiful viewpoint in Chiang Mai during the rainy season and the beginning of the cold season. It is a very suitable period to come to experience the good atmosphere and the beauty of green and yellow fields.

There are 3 recommended time periods for visiting.

The rice field (from July to the end of August) will be the beginning of the rice planting period, in which the villagers will plant the seedlings into the flooded rice fields, showing a beautiful reflection of the sky from the rice field.

Green rice fields (from the end of August to mid-October) are when the rice grows green and full of fields. Wherever you look, it will look green and refreshed, which makes it especially popular during this period.

Golden rice fields (from mid-October - beginning of November) are when the golden rice fields begin to turn golden brown. Get ready to harvest Which is another beautiful period as well Because you will see the rice terraces Has a glittering yellow color Like being washed with golden paint, plastered over the whole field..


Route 1 (green line) will take the Mae Pan Waterfall Protection Unit After passing the guard unit, the path is quite messy for almost 2 kilometers.

Route 2 (Blue Line) will enter Bong Pang Forest by passing through Mae Chaem District first. Which will be seen as a fairly indirect route The path will be a good road. But has a steep and curved curve Until the last part of the road is quite messy (red line) but it is only a short difficult period And shorter than the first route This route, at the end of the last 1-2 kilometers Sluggish and difficult way But can call the accommodation to take out a 4WD to pick up (round trip fee 700 / car) you can get off at the junction of Checkpoint 2, then call the 4WD to pick up.


Thep Phanom Hot Spring Maechaem

Thephanom Hot Springs is a natural hot spring caused by geothermal heat. The pressure to rise to the cold water underground is a hot steam at all times.


Pha Chor

Pha Cho is located in Doi Loeng district, in the care of Mae Wang National Park. Is a natural phenomenon caused by erosion. The rain was so heavy that the land was believed to be hundreds of years old. A thousand years ago this area used to be the Ping River Trail. Observed from the lump. Round, round rock scattered in a lot of soil. Until the Ping River was changed, the line moved to another direction. This area has been raised as a high hill. Time passes and is eroded into cliffs and piles of strange shapes similar to the goat ghost town in Phrae. In the province of Sa Kaeo is a shorter, which is different from the cliffs that look like walls and pillars. Large, strange patterns. It is about 30 meters wide and hundreds meters wide. Honeycomb The large cliffs. A lot of people are excited to visit.

Oob Luang National Park

Ong Luang National Park Very beautiful view Here is the strait style. The rocky cliffs on the side of the river. High cliffs measured from the bridge to the water level of about 32 meters, the narrowest of the two cliffs just two meters across the bridge. View Profile The length of the strait is about 300 meters. There are also scenic spots. And prehistoric lands to watch.

Suan Son Bor Kaew

This stunning forest of pine trees with wide grassy areas in between is worth the 150 kilometre trip out of Chiang Mai on the Hot – Mae Salong Road. With a beautiful atmosphere and cool breezes, the location is perfect for a romantic picnic or family outing. A small caf? is there if you need a cool drink but best to bring your own wicker basket and chequered blanket for the full experience.